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27 November 2009
20 September 2016

Here you'll find helpful general information about telephoning in the Netherlands plus a number of links to telephone, internet and TV providers.

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To call the Netherlands, you need to dial your international dialling code, followed by 31 (country code for the Netherlands), then the area code (omit the zero) and the local number. The area code for The Hague is (0)70. Mobile numbers always begin with (0)6. If you’re making a call within the Netherlands you need to dial the zero in the area code. Within The Hague area you do not need to use the area code (070).

Telephone directories

You can find a person's phone number and his or hers address details by visiting the White Pages. Type the surname of the person you're looking for and type the street, postal code or city where this person lives.

To find a business visit the Yellow Pages.

Directory assistance

0900 8008 for telephone numbers within the Netherlands

0900 8418 for telephone numbers abroad

0800 numbers are free of charge

0900 numbers are charged per minute or per call rate

Getting connected

Most homes in the Netherlands are already wired for telephones. Almost every household has cable TV and the majority of the population is connected to the internet, which is cheaper than in many other European countries.

If you are looking for a broadband internet connection, you have to choose between cable and ADSL. Many cable and ADSL providers offer cheap packages where you get a combination of internet, fixed phone, and sometimes television. Most fixed phone subscriptions are also offered in cheap packages together with internet and television.

Telephone and internet providers in the Netherlands

For an overview of all internet providers in the Netherlands, click on

A new trend is for cable companies to offer combined telephone/ISDN or ADSL or internet and cable television packages. For an overview of special combination packages (internet, telephony, digital television and mobile phones), visit and

You can check all the types of internet on and figure out which subscription (ADSL, VDSL, cable or fibreglass) best suits you. Of course you can also expand your internet subscription with telephony and TV. Use your postal code to check all the subscriptions available at your address. If you would like to receive specific channels, go to the complete package list of all the providers on

Mobile phones

General information on using your mobile phones in the Netherlands plus a list of providers.

Useful links

27 November 2009
20 September 2016