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Intensive Dutch for foreign children

Opvangschool voor nieuwkomers

10 October 2013
18 August 2015

The Hague offers special courses for newly-arrived foreign children who speak very little or no Dutch and want to attend a Dutch school. These so-called ‘reception schools’ (opvangscholen) are ordinary primary schools with a special class for learning Dutch: the reception group.

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If you move with your children to the Netherlands, it’s important that they learn Dutch quickly. In the Netherlands children attend primary school between the ages of 6 and 12 years. For children who do not speak any Dutch, there are special ‘reception schools’. A reception school is specialised in teaching Dutch as a foreign language.

What is a reception school?

A reception school is a regular primary school with a special reception class. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 years who speak little or no Dutch are taught here. Every week they are taught to speak, comprehend, read and write Dutch by someone experienced in teaching foreign children. When children are not attending lessons in the special reception group, they attend regular classes at the school for subjects such as arithmetic, gym and arts and crafts.

How long do children stay in the reception group?

Children stay in the reception group until they have a good command of Dutch – generally after 1 to 1.5 years. Children can then be enrolled in a regular class either at the reception school or at another primary school.

How do you register for the reception school?

Parents who would like to register their children for a reception school can contact the school directly. You will get an appointment with the school director who will tell you about the school. The director will also want to know what your child has already been taught. A teacher will play and work with your child to determine what he is already capable of doing. Your child can then go to a reception class.

What does the reception group cost?

All public schools in the Netherlands are free. The reception schools are also free of charge. However, schools do ask for a voluntary parental contribution.

More information

Visit the information on the Dutch-language municipal website under Nederlandse les voor jonge nieuwkomers. Here you can find more information, including a link to the online Scholenwijzer of participating schools offering the reception group.

You can also contact:

Haags Centrum voor Onderwijsbegeleiding (HCO)

Zandvoortselaan 146
2554 EM The Hague
Telephone: (070) 448 28 28

10 October 2013
18 August 2015